About us.jpgFounder, Sarah Azman curating her precious collection.

Gadis Semasa is a home-grown womenswear brand that focuses on producing quality pieces that are whimsical and playful yet easily transitions into key pieces for your everyday wardrobe. We want our gadis-gadis semasa to have fun expressing their individualities while experimenting with layering, styling and curating everyday looks with our pieces. 

Gadis Semasa is all about re-defining peculiarity as an everyday gadis. We’re encouraging self-love and that includes loving everything that you find peculiar about yourself. From the way you mix and match your outfits multiple times, talk about your passions in front of the mirror at 2am or even how you carry yourself through the bad days. Gadis-gadis semasa are not afraid to express themselves through clothing because she’s ever evolving through self-love journey.

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